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Wednesday 12th of August 2009

14 years ago

50-year-old performance artist Danny Devos aka DDV performs 'James Lee Byars was Never in Art Ghraib' and 'And Did Those Eyes in Recent Time' at R.I.T.E.S. in Old School, Mount Sophia, Singapore, , Singapore.

I drew the sign of the 'Red Dragon' on a sheet of paper with red paint. Then I stood for a while on a piece of cloth with a ritual milk 'kavadi' on my head. The kavadi was filled with red paint that I slowly poured over my head. Then I made a wad out of a piece of gold cloth filled with earth from my hole. I lay down on a sloping piece of wood, my head immersed in a tub of water. I stuffed the wad in my mouth and an unopened lotus flower into the wad. I remained with my head in the water until the wad and the lotus flower were completely sodden and I couldn't breathe no more.