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10 Minutes Before the Worm
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Friday 11th of September 1987

33 years ago He Did Not Have Money in the House

Reggae musician Peter Tosh born as Winston Hubert McIntosh is shot dead during a robbery at his house at the age of 43 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica.

The robbers stayed at his residence for several hours and tortured Tosh in an attempt to extort money from him. Over the hours as various associates of Tosh arrived to visit him they were also taken hostage by the gunmen. Tosh said he did not have any money in the house after which Dennis 'Leppo' Lobban and the fellow gunmen began opening fire in a reckless manner. Tosh was shot twice in the head and killed. Herbalist Wilton 'Doc' Brown and disc jockey Jeff 'Free I' Dixon also died. Several others in the house were wounded, including Tosh's common law wife Andrea Marlene Brown, Free I's wife Yvonne, Tosh's drummer Carlton 'Santa' Davis and musician Michael Robinson.