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10 Minutes Before the Worm
Kidnapper and murderer
Nathan Freudenthal Leopold
aka The Perfect Murderer

  • 19 November 1904 (+) is born in Chicago, United States.

  • 19 June 1945 (x) is infected with malaria, the infected tissue is later removed and implanted on Dave Siegal and Johnnie Raczynski in order to find a cure at the age of 41 in Crest Hill, United States.

  • 22 September 1949 (x) has his life sentence commuted to 85 years at the age of 45 in Chicago, United States.

  • 5 February 1961 (x) marries Gertrud 'Trudi' Garcia de Quevedo at the age of 57 in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

  • 29 August 1971 (-) dies of a diabetes-related heart attack in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

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